Field Trip: Spectre, the Big Fish movie set ruins, and Old Town Alabama

UA Gadsden Center

121 North 1st St.
Gadsden, AL 35901

Trip Leader: Shirley du Pont - As we ride down the gravel road, you get excited. It feels like you are entering Alabama’s version of Area 51. You can see the rooftops as you draw close, and then, as you round the curve, there it is. Time has not been kind to the old buildings, but - they’re movie props and not built to code. They are still mostly intact. It is rather interesting walking around a movie set. Rather than disassemble Spectre, the movie company offered the property owner compensation to let it sit as it is. Old Alabama Town is located in Montgomery, Alabama and consists of six blocks of authentic 19th and 20th century buildings. All of the buildings have been saved from demolition, completely restored and opened as a historical museum. The buildings encompass the way early Americans lived and worked in Central Alabama. Activity level: Moderate (lots of walking)

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Friday, October 06, 2017



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