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Instructor: Bill Stewart - This fall the Alabama Politics course will focus mostly on one of the most basic rights of American citizens, with the emphasis being on the evolution of the right to vote since Alabama entered the Union in 1819. Initially, Alabama was regarded as one of the most liberal states, with minimal adult white male (the only group which then had the right to vote) suffrage requirements. We will also look at the consequences of the franchise being granted to African-American males by the Fifteenth Amendment, adopted following the Civil War. Early in the 1920s, women were enfranchised and the same was true for youth (18-20) in the early 1970s. Most controversy was associated with African-American voting and we will look at some of the barriers which sought to evade the Fifteenth Amendment. Today, thanks primarily to Congress and the federal judiciary, all of the groups we have named have a free right to vote without hindrance. Nevertheless, efforts continue to be made to ensure that African-Americans have an effective vote.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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