Basic Graveyard Preservation: A First Course

UA Gadsden Center

121 North 1st St.
Gadsden, AL 35901

Instructor: Skip Campbell - Room 111; Note: This is a special time. This course will teach "hands on" basics of graveyard preservation in a historic graveyard setting. Participants will be provided the appropriate tools and equipment and will do the actual work for the benefit of the graveyard’s residents. We will also reposition fallen or badly leaning small-scale monuments, as well as undertake basic repairs on broken or fallen markers. This course is designed for individuals who do not already have extensive experience in cemetery preservation. It is being held during the fall months to minimize the effect of summer heat and insects, while also providing experience with tangible conditions faced by graveyard preservationists in the field. Primary emphasis is placed on how to PROPERLY clean and restore grave markers, along with determining when and how a marker should be repositioned. Also important, is knowing when NOT to do something that would do harm to the marker. Another point of discussion will be common misconceived notions or incorrect methods for cleaning or repairing grave markers. A small fee (TBD) will be assessed based on the number of participants for individual field kits. An accompanying guidebook is also available upon request for an additional charge of approximately $35.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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